#Book Fetish

Bookish things for those with a fetish for books. Follow us on Pinterest for even more goodness.

Tabletop Games to Play Based on Your Favorite Books

February 12, 2024 Whether you love a whodunit or foodie fiction, there's a game here for you.

Black-Owned Bookish Etsy Shops for You to Support

February 7, 2024 From T-shirts honoring bell hooks to cute washi tape and bookmarks, these bookish items will make nice treats for yourself and friends this month.

Gifts for Your Bookish Valentine (Especially If It’s You)

February 5, 2024 Pick up a little something for your Valentine, Galentine, or hey — for yourself.

Bookish Valentine’s Day Cards for Friends and Lovers

January 31, 2024 Pro tip: it's also fun to give Valentine's Day cards to friends (especially if they're bookish cards!).

Bookish Valentine’s Day Sweatshirts to Celebrate Your One True Love

January 29, 2024 Wear these fun bookish Valentine's Day sweatshirts to go out to pick up your latest bookstore or library finds and more.

This Is The Year: Bookish Planner Supplies to Help You Meet Your Reading Resolutions

January 24, 2024 The time has come to once again embrace The Notebook That Will Change Everything. These bookish planner supplies will get you right.

Sparkly and Fun Stickers for Library Lovers

January 22, 2024 These fun stickers for library lovers include old school stools, card catalogs, and more.

Book Fetish: Bookish Gifts for Art History Nerds

January 17, 2024 These bookish gifts for art history nerds include journals, reading nook decor, crafting ideas, bookscapes, and more.

Winter Bookmarks for Cozy Reading

January 15, 2024 These wintry bookmarks might just remind you of the beauty to be found in winter...or in sitting inside with a giant stack of books!

F*#K Yeah: 15 Sweary Bookish Goods

January 10, 2024 These sweary bookish goods include everything from stickers to journals, to jewelry — perfect for your sweary, bookish heart!
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