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You’re Wrong About These Common Myths About Book Ban: Book Censorship News, March 22, 2024

No, book bans don't make the kids want to read the books. No, book bans don't just impact schools. Those and other common myths and ideas about book bans. (Plus this week's book censorship news roundup.)

8 Nonfiction Books That SFF Fans Will Love

If you love science fiction and fantasy reads, these works of nonfiction will be right up your alley.

Daughter, Mother, Wife, Girlfriend, Artist: On Splintered Identity

Leslie Jamison's latest book explores the facets of her identity and how each helps inform her art.

Sapphic Sleuths: 10 Mystery and Crime Novels Starring Queer Ladies

What's your favorite mystery novel starring a queer woman?

The Fantastical in the Everyday: What Is Fabulism?

What's your favorite fabulism book?

The Best Recent Mysteries for Your Book Club

These mysteries will take you everywhere, from Nigeria to Japan and Ireland, and include established faves and newcomers alike.

Bookish Goods for Mystery Readers

That red herring mug is *chef's kiss*

Ijeoma Oluo Teaches Us How to Be a Revolution

This will make your thinking surrounding activism click in new ways.
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