Lyndsie Manusos

Lyndsie Manusos’s fiction has appeared in PANK, SmokeLong Quarterly, and other publications. She holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has worked in web production and content management. When she’s not nesting among her books and rough drafts, she’s chasing the baby while the dog watches in confused amusement. She lives with her family in a suburb of Indianapolis.

The Fantastical in the Everyday: What Is Fabulism?

Lyndsie Manusos March 21, 2024 What's your favorite fabulism book?

Let Us Feast: 10 Horror Books to Crave in Early 2024

Lyndsie Manusos February 13, 2024 These 10 horror novels coming out in 2024 will scare you in the best ways.

8 Magazine Issues and Anthologies that Spotlight Marginalized Voices

Lyndsie Manusos January 31, 2024 From cursed night whistling to screaming into the abyss, these lit mags and anthologies bring a certain kind of fire to the literary landscape.

Authors and Bookish Accounts to Follow on Bluesky

Lyndsie Manusos December 4, 2023 If you're curious about the book scene on Bluesky, or want to curate your experience, here are some accounts to follow.

Swords & Smooches: 8 High Fantasy Romance Novels

Lyndsie Manusos November 24, 2023 Whichever of the best high fantasy romance books you dive into, you'll have a swoony great time. Get started now!

Halloween Short Fiction: 9 Short Stories to Get You Ready for Spooky Season

Lyndsie Manusos October 16, 2023 These Halloween short stories are free to read online! They're deliciously unsettling, genre-bending, emotional, and even humorous.

8 Unputdownable Authors Like Ali Hazelwood

Lyndsie Manusos September 12, 2023 From authors that Hazelwood herself recommends to authors who explore similar themes, find more authors like Ali Hazelwood to read next!

Let Us Be Your Guide: 8 Psychopomps Across Mythology and Literature

Lyndsie Manusos August 17, 2023 We, the Psychopomps, hope this post finds you well and dead. Here are some books that might help in your journey.

In a Wave of Greek Mythology Retellings, Where Are the Greek Writers?

Lyndsie Manusos July 24, 2023 Mythology retellings are a hot commodity in publishing lately. But where are the Greek writers of Greek mythology retellings?

Immigrant & Diaspora Writers in Speculative Fiction: A Profile of khōréō magazine

Lyndsie Manusos June 6, 2023 In an age of rising white supremacy, immigrant and diaspora stories like those in khōréō magazine are more important than ever.
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