Book Riot: The Podcast

The Book Riot Podcast is a weekly news and talk show about what's new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading, brought to you by the editors of Book Riot.

The “It” Books of March

Jeff and Rebecca pick the "it" book of March.

Simon & Schuster’s Odyssey Isn’t Over, National Book Awards Open Up, and More

Jeff and Rebecca talk about LeVar Burton's book deal, opening up the National Book Awards, book banning news, and why no one should think this is the forever home for Simon & Schuster.

Talking DUNE

We are re-running an episode from our short-run podcast series Adaptation Nation on Dune, covering Frank Herbert's novel and what turned out to be part one of Denis Villaneueve's adaptation. Amanda Nelson and Jenn Northington joined Jeff for this deep dive.

Coincidences, Adaptations, and Recent Reading

Jeff and Rebecca discuss some good listener feedback on coincidences before running through a bunch of adaptation news and then talking about recent media consumption.

The Best Adaptations of Romances & Love Stories

Vanessa Diaz joins Rebecca for a conversation about the best movies adapted from romances and love stories, the ones that are due for a remake, and a few creative takes on what a love story even is.

Checking in on the World of Romance

Trisha Brown and Jess Pryde, hosts of When in Romance, join Jeff to talk about what's going on in the world of romance: what's changed over the last ten years (and what hasn't), what the state of romance is today, where it's going, and a recommendation or two as well.

A Clandestine Texas Bookshelf, Argylle Fizzles, Spotify’s Audiobook Royalties, and a Farewell to N. Scott Momaday

Jeff and Rebecca take a moment to mark the death of N. Scott Momaday, do a post-mortem on the Argylle 'intrigue," pitch a movie based on a secret banned bookshelf in Houston, and more.

February “It Book” Knockout Round

After a ho-hum January slate of new releases, Jeff and Rebecca are back to working their way through a much stronger slate of It Book candidates.

Adapted Screenplay Nominees, Big 5 Really Just as Big, NBCC Award Finalists, and more

Jeff and Rebecca helpfully wade into the Adapted Screenplay Discourse, question framing 2023 as anything other than dominance for the Big 5, peruse the National Book Critics Circle Award nominees, and more.

Winter/Spring 2024 Adaptation Preview

Jeff and Rebecca talk about notable adaptations coming out over the next few months.
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