Steph Auteri

Steph Auteri is a journalist who has written for the Atlantic, the Washington Post, Pacific Standard, VICE, and elsewhere. Her more creative work has appeared in Creative Nonfiction, under the gum tree, Poets & Writers, and other publications, and she is the Essays Editor for Hippocampus Magazine. Her essay, "The Fear That Lives Next to My Heart," published in Southwest Review, was listed as a Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2021. She also writes bookish stuff here and at the Feminist Book Club, is the author of A Dirty Word, and is the founder of Guerrilla Sex Ed. When not working, she enjoys yoga, embroidery, singing, cat snuggling, and staring at the birds in her backyard feeder. You can learn more at and follow her on Insta/Threads at .

Best Middle Grade Fiction That Sneaks in Sex Ed

Steph Auteri February 9, 2024 These middle grade reads might not be sex ed books, but they pack in powerful messages about sex, gender, and more.

New Blood: 10 Modern Horror Classics Keeping the Genre Alive

Steph Auteri January 25, 2024 Check out these 10 contemporary horror authors keeping the genre alive, inspired by the classic works that preceded them.

The 9 Best Horror Novels of 2023

Steph Auteri January 18, 2024 Now that we've had time to look back, here were the nine absolute best horror novels of 2023 that you should be reading in 2024.

Adult Versions of Your Favorite Childhood Fantasy Novels

Steph Auteri December 27, 2023 I share some of my favorite childhood reads, and then give recs for adult-level books that scratch that same itch.

The Best Books We Read in 2023 (That Weren’t Published in 2023)

Steph Auteri December 21, 2023 Set aside the new releases for a moment, and let's celebrate our favorite books we read this year that were published prior to 2023.

The Best Graphic Novels by Speculative Fiction Authors

Steph Auteri November 22, 2023 Here are some of the best graphic novels from speculative fiction writers who were already killing it as prose-only novelists.

The Best Books About Finding Yourself

Steph Auteri November 10, 2023 Read on for the best books about finding yourself and your future. Take what resonates. Simply enjoy the rest.

Nonfiction About Witches, Ghosts, and Other Odd Creatures

Steph Auteri October 13, 2023 These nonfiction books scrutinize zombies and werewolves under the lens of science, explore haunted houses, and examine the legacy of witches.

8 Horror Reads That Made My Skin Crawl

Steph Auteri October 12, 2023 As a lifelong horror fan, it takes a lot to unsettle me, but these 8 horror reads managed to get under my skin and keep me up at night.

Adult Versions of Your Favorite Childhood Horror Books

Steph Auteri October 11, 2023 Indulge in some not-quite nostalgia with these adult horror books that are reminiscent of all your childhood faves.
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