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Jeff O'Neal is the executive editor of Book Riot and Panels. He also co-hosts . Follow him on Twitter: .

25 years of 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU

Jeff O'Neal April 1, 2024 A quarter century of a Gen X classic, a new children's literature museum opens, and yes everyone is trying to get you to play their crossword.

For Book Recommendations, People Are Always Better Than Algorithms

Jeff O'Neal March 29, 2024 People are still better at recommending books, reframing the "crisis" in the humanities, and it just got harder for small presses.

Paul Yoon wins The Story Prize for THE HIVE AND THE HONEY

Jeff O'Neal March 28, 2024 Paul Yoon wins The Story Prize, next installment in the Yarros juggernaut is announced, and literary allusions contain multitudes. Or do they.

Imagine Getting a Rejection Letter from Toni Morrison

Jeff O'Neal March 27, 2024 Jimmy Fallon's book club returns, a consideration of Toni Morrison's rejection letters, and the best book to read about Daniel Kahneman.

A Q&A with Authors Equity CEO Madeline McIntosh

Jeff O'Neal March 11, 2024 Authors Equity CEO Madeline McIntosh answers questions on freelancers, author involvement, diversity and inclusion, and the future of publishing

Why Does Every Famous Woman Have a Book Club Now?

Jeff O'Neal March 8, 2024 A round-up of the day's most interesting bookish links.

You Can Stay in a Hidden Library in St. Paul’s Cathedral

Jeff O'Neal March 7, 2024 A bookable cathedral library, a new Murakami novel, NYT reporters' Twitter book, and more bookish news.

Brandon Sanderson Wins Concessions from Audible

Jeff O'Neal March 6, 2024 Brandon Sanderson gets Audible to make changes to audiobook royalties, and nine other of the top book-related stories of the day.

Is This What Author-Centered Publishing Looks Like?

Jeff O'Neal March 5, 2024 A new player in the book-making game is using the promise of increased author earnings to differentiate themselves.

The Top 10 Adapted Screenplay Oscar Winners, Ranked

Jeff O'Neal Do you agree with this ranking?
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