Jessica Pryde

Jessica Pryde is a member of that (some might call) rare breed that grew up in Washington, DC, but is happily enjoying the warmer weather of the desert Southwest. While she is still working on what she wants to be when she grows up, she’s enjoying dabbling in librarianship and writing all the things. She can be found drowning in her ever-growing TBR and exclaiming about romance in the Book Riot podcast (When in Romance), as well as on social media. Find her exclamations about books and pho on twitter () and instagram ().

New February Romances to Warm You Up

Jessica Pryde February 7, 2024 Ali Hazelwood, Tia Williams, Nikki Payne, and others have romances with vampyres, spies, and more out this month. Which ones are you adding to the TBR?

When Eye-Reading Just Isn’t Working

Jessica Pryde December 6, 2023 Here are some ways to keep reading when your eyes just don't want to cooperate, even if you don’t have access to audiobook versions.

New December Romances for Gift Season

Jessica Pryde November 27, 2023 December may be a light month for new romance releases, but the ones that are coming out are going to be bangers!

Please Stop It with the Sexist “Reverse” Tropes

Jessica Pryde November 13, 2023 Because if you’re using sexist terminology to qualify your tropes, you’re basically saying that there is a set way to apply them.

Where To Get Started With Monster Romance

Jessica Pryde October 31, 2023 If you were disappointed by Beast turning back into a human at the end of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, monster romance might be for you...

Meet Officer Friendly: Copaganda in Romance Novels

Jessica Pryde October 19, 2023 The romance genre has a history of casting law enforcement as Nice Guy Cops, the heroes of the story. It's time to challenge that copaganda.

20 Must-Read Paranormal Romances

Jessica Pryde August 28, 2023 Witches, vampires, ghosts, and more! It's paranormal romance you're looking for.

20 Must-Read Baseball Romances

Jessica Pryde July 26, 2023 Baseball romances have been having quite the field day lately. Here are 20 of the best ones, with second chances, fake dating, and more. Start with On and Off the Field by Anastasia Dean.

Dear Romance Publishers: Please Give Us Hardcovers

Jessica Pryde July 13, 2023 Romance novels are associated with mass market paperbacks, but they deserve a collectible hardcover option, too.

What is Regency Romance?

Jessica Pryde July 5, 2023 It's the most popular historical romance sub-genres. Top romance authors talk about what it is and why we love Regency Romance so much.
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